News from the EU - Bayer-Monsanto is everywhere!
Newsletter 19-07-2023

In this UE special edition: leaked document from the EU Commission on glyphosate renewal, new GMOs, narrow vote on Nature Restauration Law...

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Take action to help stop glyphosate in Europe!
Newsletter 13-04-2023

In this newsletter: Stop Glyphosate coalition is active to prevent a new reapproval of the herbicide in Europe, the EU Commissions formally responds to Save Bees and Farmers citizens' initiative, ecocide makes its way into the law, etc.

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A message of hope, against the Bayer-Monsanto lobby
Newsletter 19-12-2022

In this newsletter: the Save Bees and Farmers delegation formally received by the EU Commission, the industrial agriculture lobby's attack on pesticide regulation in Europe, a new report reveals pesticide industry’s disinformation, 700 scientists calling for an immediate reduction of pesticide use...

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Help us in the next stage to stop pesticide use
Newsletter 15-08-2022

It’s been 5 years since we organised the Monsanto Tribunal. More and more people realise the harm done by the chemical industry. The call to include ecocide into international law is becoming stronger. To save biodiversity, healthy soils, clean water and our health we have to act on many levels, over and over.

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Silenced by the pesticide industry?
Newsletter 20-12-2021

In this newsletter: whitstleblower Valérie Murat's case in France, the ongoing glyphosate battle in the EU, and the (hidden) costs of pesticides on our health and environment.

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Success for Save Bees and Farmers!
Newsletter 19-10-2021

In this newsletter: European Citizens Initiative "Save Bees and Farmers!" gathers 1,2 million signatures, news and tools for action about GMO regulation, SLAPP lawsuits, toxic pesticides trade and Roundup lawsuits in the U.S.

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Ready for 15 more years of Roundup spraying in the EU?
Newsletter 21-07-2021

In this newsletter: the glyphosate saga, both in the EU and the US, and the European Citizens' Initiative Save the bees and farmers.

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Dark times for Bayer-Monsanto & Co
Newsletter 02-12-2020

In this newsletter: Bayer to pay billions to glyphosate victims, Justice for the French farmer Paul François, European Citizens' Initiative "Save the bees and the farmers", Tribute to Percy Schmeiser, and more!

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