Historic moment coming close

In this newsletter: on April 18th the judges of the Monsanto Tribunal will present their conclusions; Seeds of Freedom, a new song by Manu Chao especially made for the struggle against Monsanto and Bayer; Monsanto knew much more than they told us on Roundup and cancer, and much more.

On the 18th of April the five judges of the Monsanto Tribunal will present their conclusions. It will not end the impunity of Monsanto and big corporations right away, surely not. We won’t change the world as simple as that. But it will be an important step in the struggle against those who think they can poison people and environment for their profits. If the judges decide that Monsanto has violated the right to food, health, a healthy environment and scientific freedom, it would be a very important conclusion. If the judges conclude that this will add up to the (new) crime of ecocide, this would be a strong signal to the world. A signal to the United Nations that international law should be amended to end corporate impunity. A signal to the corporations and their shareholders that sooner or later the true cost of their actions will be presented to them.

After all, Monsanto might have much less value than most shareholders think. Especially if the victims of poisonous practices all over the world unite to sue those who poison them and those who deliver the poison in court. The shareholders of Bayer should think twice before they acquire this Trojan Horse. (And better have a close look at their own position too. For Bayer is not exactly innocent itself.)
You can watch the presentation on livestream on the home page of this website. It will start at 15.00 (3 PM) Central European Summer Time (CEST). That is 2 PM in the UK and 9 AM in New York, 6.30 PM in New Delhi and 11 PM in Sydney. In case you happen to be in The Hague on April 18th: write to registration@monsanto-tribunal.org to see if there is a seat available at the presentation.

Seeds of Freedom, the Time has come!

A very strong song by the famous Manu Chao, dedicated to the struggle for seed freedom and against industrial agriculture. Specially made for the struggle against Monsanto and Bayer. Listen to the song and watch the beautiful images in the video clip on our Facebook page (you don’t have to use Facebook yourself to see it) or on Vimeo. Share the clip on your social media!

Photo credit: Damien Carnal

Moms exposed to Monsanto weed killer means bad outcomes for babies

Concerns about Roundup, the world’s most widely used herbicide are taking a new twist as researchers unveil data that indicates pervasive use of Monsanto's weed killer could be linked to pregnancy problems. Read more

Roundup and cancer: Monsanto knew much more than they told us

A new court filing in the US made on behalf of dozens of people claiming Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide gave them cancer has led to the publication of interesting and shocking documents. It started with correspondence by longtime EPA toxicologist Marion Copley who died of cancer in 2014. She cites evidence from animal studies and writes: “It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.” The documents released by the judge show that Monsanto knew much more about the dangers of Roundup and glyphosate and worked closely together with the EPA, the agency that should protect public health. It shows that Monsanto manufactured scientific studies and used those studies to  influence regulators. Read more

EU citizens: please sign and spread the glyphosate initiative

Already 650.000 persons signed the initiative to ask the EU to ban glyphosate. We need 1 million valid signatures to make it official. Please sign and spread!

Please donate this very day! With your help we can help the victims of Monsanto

Dear friends,

The Monsanto Tribunal took place in October in The Hague and was, also thanks to your financial support, a big success. On the 18th of April the judges will publish their statements in the same city. The rest of the collected sum will be used for that occasion.

In mid-February our committee met in the Alsatians village of Ungersheim to think of the best way to continue. We decided unanimously not to rest but to continue the struggle.

We want to include a maximum of people and organizations to spread widely the statements of the judges. We need to achieve a large influence on an international level. But the main priority as a follow up to the tribunal still is to keep our promise to help the witnesses go to court in their home countries. We already received the first demands to support logistically, politically but also of course financially. For that we urgently need your help. Every sum is helpful but to attain our goal we also need some special donations.
Kind regards and solidarity
René Lehnherr
Treasurer of the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation (recognized as a charitable organization).
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